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Our team

Our values

High Standards

Exceptional Experiences

Efficient processes will never replace exceptional experiences. We designed our workflow to strengthen collaborative relationships, maximize communication, and drive precise execution.

Higher Intelligence

Deeper Insights

Industry specialization is not the only indicator of expertise. We excel at getting the information to develop true market insights, unlocking synergistic potential and intangible value at the global level.

Highest Value

Tenacity for Results

While other firms are driven by volume, we are driven to get you the best realizable value. We don’t stop until the best achievable terms have been negotiated, benefitting not only the owners and their businesses, but also the community they serve.

Persient LLC- Mergers and Acquisitions Firm

Founder's Journey

Ashish ran a manufacturing business, including hands-on experience in all aspects of the operation, from manufacturing and sales to accounting, treasury and human resources.Early-1990s
After exploring many options, Ashish sold his business to a public company, in an all-cash deal. It was a tedious, year-long due diligence process that left him feeling there had to be a better way for owners to navigate the M&A process.Late-1990s
Ashish shifted to a career in investment banking, working on Wall Street alongside veterans from Lehman, Lazard and Morgan Stanley to develop his M&A skills and successfully close numerous transactions for public and private companies across various industries.2001-2015
Ashish returned to his entrepreneurial roots, co-founding PierCap Partners in San Diego to fill a critical gap in M&A services for low- to mid-cap companies. The sole focus of the firm was to bring the vast benefits of Wall Street (namely relationships, customization and a proven M&A execution playbook) to privately held companies.2016-2021
Ashish has doubled-down on the successes of PierCap Partners with the formation of Persient. Under his leadership, the firm aims to take client service to the next level, with a passion for client care and a commitment to core values – high standards, higher intelligence and highest value.2022 and Beyond