Selling Your Business: Unlocking the X-Factor to Get Top Value

Learn from Ashish Jariwala of Persient, a boutique M&A investment bank, about the factors that deliver premium price far beyond cash flow valuations and comparable sales within your industry or sector.

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About The Webinar

Many business owners don’t know how to approach selling their business. This webinar starts at the beginning with understanding the potential value of your company beyond simple cash flow and how to position it to get top value.

  • Standard Business Valuation Approaches

    We'll cover asset, income and market approaches and how they're used to determine the value of your business.

  • Other Key Factors Impacting Business Value

    Beyond cash flows, we'll analyze the 11 other factors affecting your business value and how you can maximize them to your benefit.

  • The X-Factor

    Leverage the X-factor and see why some businesses can have vastly different values at the same time.

Webinar Presenters

Ashish Jariwala


Karen Cavanagh