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Are you considering selling your business? We understand the decision to sell a business is difficult and comes with many considerations to examine. Divesting of your greatest asset, built over many years, is not an easy decision. We at Persient treat these transactions with the respect, sensitivity and confidentiality required to meet the needs and expectations of today’s entrepreneurs. If you find yourself wondering, “should I sell  my business?” it’s time to take your first steps with Persient.

Selling Your Business for Top Value

It’s important to understand the selling process thoroughly. As with anything you don’t do all the time, you don’t know what you don’t know. This puts you at a  disadvantage if you sell your own business without an M&A advisor. 

It can lead to significant seller’s remorse, wondering: “did I get what my business is worth?”

Four Selling Approaches

Beyond whom advises you, there are four selling approaches. The key is to select the one that will extract the best value for you. Then watch three entrepreneurs talk about how they made these choices and successfully sold their businesses.
Selling your business? As an investment bank, we can help you get top value and exit on your terms. Free guide to Top Value. Watch video.

Selling Your Business with Persient

When it comes to selling your business, you should trust the experts. We work with our clients to determine whether a more targeted VIP process is preferable or whether a broad open auction is the best process. 

We are dedicated to fostering a strong partnership with you through all phases of the process. You can expect a tailored approach to every step of the transaction. Our strategic approach includes the following phases:

1. Lunch & Learn

2. Prepare & Launch

3. Market & Negotiate

4. Execute & Close

Past client experiences

Earned every penny of the fee

From the day we started the process, I felt like we were one team with a shared mission to find the best strategic and economic partner for my business. [You folks] took the time to learn my business and articulate my value proposition. They diligently pursued all opportunities well beyond just the low hanging fruit.They never missed a deadline. I liked that [they] are industry agnostic. I think it made them look harder for potential deals without pre-conceived ideas or existing relationships on the buyer’s side. What’s more, they were an absolute pleasure to be around. I could not have asked for more and would recommend them to anybody. I can honestly say I feel they earned every penny of the fee. I’m not very sure most sellers can usually say that about their bankers!


Strategic Life Science Communications Agency, CEO & Founder

Preparedness, transparency and in-depth insight

We chose [them] because of their independence, confidential outreach and capability to provide an extremely tailored approach.The team worked with us intimately to understand our science, MOA and positioning. With a very disciplined approach reached key decision makers of domestic and international big-pharma and biotech companies on an expedited basis. They made the entire process extremely easy given their preparedness, transparency and in-depth insight of strategic players who would have an interest in our platform.


Public Biotech Company, CEO

Highly detailed, quality offers

While we have been approached in the past with potential acquisition inquiries, they never resulted in a successful deal for one reason or another. Working with [them] allowed us to attract not only strong interest in the company. But also brought highly detailed, quality offers from multiple parties, including private equity firms and large, multinational firms from Asia and Europe.

As a result of their strategic, proactive approach, we were able to get higher EBITDA multiples than we thought possible. We were able to choose the ideal buyer for our company, with the skills and resources that will enable the company to grow and thrive in the years ahead.


Specialized Manufacturing Company, CEO & Founder

Passion and experience

After owning my company for 21 years, I decided it was time to sell and move on. I spent many years in the mortgage industry as my line of work and buying and selling homes was second nature, how hard could it be? However, with all my research, I learned selling a company could be a very stressful and emotional transaction, significantly different from selling a home. So, I took the advice from many and interviewed several banking M&A firms and decided to go with the principals of Persient.

I felt their passion and experience set them apart from other M&A firms I spoke with. As we went through the arduous process of selling my company, their attention to detail, step by step support, and friendship we built along the way was priceless. I highly recommend [them] and I'm grateful for their help and guidance through this entire process. I always felt they had my best interest at heart.


Mortgage Compliance Firm, CEO & Founder

Only 45 days

After receiving an unsolicited indicative offer, we knew we needed a partner who could help us negotiate and navigate the transaction process. Persient’s principals came highly recommended from a colleague and we quickly engaged with them. They negotiated favorable terms for us and made due diligence seamless. With minimal burden on me or my team, we were able to close the transaction in only 45 days. This was in the depths of the pandemic.

Undergoing a transaction can be highly stressful and time consuming. But they made it painless for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Content Aggregating Blog Company, CEO & President

One of Persient's Real M&A Success Stories.

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