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Are you considering selling your business? We understand the decision to sell a business is difficult and comes with many considerations to examine. Divesting of your greatest asset, built over many years, is not an easy decision. We at Persient treat these transactions with the respect, sensitivity and confidentiality required to meet the needs and expectations of today’s entrepreneurs. If you find yourself wondering, “should I sell  my business?” it’s time to take your first steps with Persient.

Selling Your Business for Top Value

It’s important to understand the selling process thoroughly. As with anything you don’t do all the time, you don’t know what you don’t know. This puts you at a  disadvantage if you sell your own business without an M&A advisor. 

It can lead to significant seller’s remorse, wondering: “did I get what my business is worth?”

Four Selling Approaches

Beyond whom advises you, there are four selling approaches. The key is to select the one that will extract the best value for you. Then watch three entrepreneurs talk about how they made these choices and successfully sold their businesses.
Selling your business? As an investment bank, we can help you get top value and exit on your terms. Free guide to Top Value. Watch video.

Selling Your Business with Persient

When it comes to selling your business, you should trust the experts. We work with our clients to determine whether a more targeted VIP process is preferable or whether a broad open auction is the best process.We are dedicated to fostering a strong partnership with you through all phases of the process. You can expect a tailored approach to every step of the transaction. Our strategic approach includes the following phases:

1. Lunch & Learn

2. Prepare & Launch

3. Market & Negotiate

4. Execute & Close

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