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When searching for a San Diego Investment Bank to help buy a business or sell your company, you can trust a mergers and acquisitions firm with national and international experience to best position your company for top value in a sale or find the right fit at the right price in a purchase. Our FINRA (a non-profit organization working under the supervision of the SEC) certification enables us to handle the complex deal structuring for those transactions over $5-10 million that business brokers can’t do. Both the buyer and seller need a trusted advisor and thoughtful preparation to complete a transaction in which both parties feel they’ve done the best for their company, stakeholders, families, and plans for new ventures. The buying and selling of a company are multi-faceted, with moving pieces that require both a solid plan and the ability to adapt to keep the deal on track. 

Overcoming obstacles to find synergy

Several phases must be completed on either side—and hurdles overcome—to keep the process from derailing while minimizing disruptions to either party’s business operations and achieving a sustainable agreement.

It takes synergy.

While advising either the buyer or the seller in a merger or acquisition, we help the two parties achieve this balance. As a result, the seller feels the final value reflects the true worth of their hard work building a business. At the same time, the buyer knows they’ve made the right decision for their future growth and expansion goals.

As an M&A Advisor for the business seller, we can help you understand the true value of your company beyond the numbers and what motivates potential buyers. That way, you can exit on your terms. If you’re the buyer, we help you purchase with the right structure. We can minimize operational disruption and help you transition smoothly into a new phase for you and your company.

The key is finding the perfect fit through a solid market clearing process and then specifying all the terms you need to exit your way or effectively integrate following a purchase.

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Learn about our unique approach to mergers and acquisitions and hear three real-life stories about successful sales. Every business owner has different goals and reasons for selling. We help each and every one achieve their own personal goals so that they do exit on their terms: top value, specific terms, right fit and the preservation of a legacy.

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