Sale Readiness Audit

Are you Ready to Sell?

Get evaluated to see if your business is ready to sell or what you need to do to prepare. This 60-minute consultation with an experienced investment banker will provide invaluable advice at a critical juncture.

We will discuss the personal and business factors that determine when it is a good time to sell your business: what are some personal/family/health factors to consider, how much runway is needed from you and others on your team, where is your business in its life cycle, what does your current pipeline look like, including some low and high hanging opportunities.

These are the key areas that will be covered during a Sale Readiness Audit:

It’s simply better to know. Enter the process with a deep understanding of what’s needed to succeed and close the deal, as well as getting the top value on your terms.

1. Getting The Best Value

2. Current Market Forces

3. Ideal Go-To-Market Strategies

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