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Preparing Memorandum (CIM)

The combination of facts and a storytelling narrative make for the very best Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs) for a company. This is the document that is delivered to all vetted buyers and serves as the blueprint for evaluating the company and making their best offer. Investment Bankers, such as the Persient team, prepare professional, thorough CIMs that directly contribute to showing the value of a company.


Ashish: Earlier on we had these weekly calls and, we learned about your business, through those one or two calls a week. And we put together a CIM that explained your business in a lot more detail. There were facts and proof points and graphs and analysis that backed up all the analysis and the investment highlights we laid out.

Client #1: I remember being very surprised almost by how thorough it was in both a storytelling narrative and then also the facts to, to support that narrative.

Client #2: And So when we went to build the CIM, I didn’t realize the amount of work that was involved to, to build that. This is another reason why I was so grateful that I went with you, because I didn’t know, what all went into telling my story. And so, I felt like there was no part of the process that, you didn’t walk me through, to help me understand what you needed and why you needed it.

Client #3: I think what you guys did was perfect. You, you helped me write the book and you did most of the work. I provided you with material, you asked the right questions. It was a little more work, you know, it’s not like without work. I had to work a little harder during that process ’cause I‘m doing my job to grow the business and doing my job to help you guys sell the business.

Client #2: I‘m not gonna lie, it was a daunting process. I mean, you guys were so detail oriented, you know, dotting all the i‘s and crossing all the t’s, and, and while it was like, oh my God, another thing I have to send over, it was all for the greater good.

Client #1: I think to have time always on the calendar to get the update was very important. So it was a great use of time to understand the asks and where we were and the process and then to continuously give you and team feedback as well.

Client #2: Just going through that whole process of putting the book together and evaluating the numbers and really working with us on our numbers, was key.