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Maintaining Confidentiality is Critical

It’s important there are no rumors about a sale in advance of closing. Depending on the situation, this confidentiality must be maintained internally and externally, else it can cause uncertainty and anxiety among employees, customers, and suppliers – impacting morale, retention, and productivity. The goal is to ensure safety of the business – protect sensitive information, maintain market reputation, preserve negotiating leverage, and ensure smooth transition for all. Investment bankers, such as the Persient team, build confidence and support for a deal by managing a process discreetly and professionally. 


Ashish: The other thing most business owners are concerned about is maintaining confidentiality throughout the process. You know, you are trying to sell your business. You don’t want to create rumors now, you need to maintain that internally within the organization and externally so that there is, you know, your clients are not hearing whispers. How do you think the process, did it compromise the confidentiality aspect? Were we able to keep it throughout the process?

Client #1: You guys handled the process very professionally. In the beginning, only a few key employees were even aware of what was going on. The majority of the employees had had no problems, so they weren’t upset. Nobody got worried. We didn’t lose any employees in this whole complicated process. So yeah, I appreciate the fact that you guys guided us through what can be pretty dicey, with both vendors, customers, and employees. And you provided excellent support in all three areas.

Client #2: As far as how you guys did on, on keeping the confidentiality. Yes, you guys were really good. I think there were a couple of times where I was like, well, you know, maybe it’s okay.
And then we would talk about why, why you maybe thought it wasn’t okay. And giving me that perspective again, protecting me and having my back. Right? So, that was great. And I think there were times where it was like, okay, we can, we can go ahead and give them that bit of information, and move on.

Client #3: Confidentiality was of course, always a top concern because I didn’t want the team to know that I was selling the business until it was, until it was time. And so I think I remember early on it was just your team and then myself and my finance head. And that’s all we needed. And it was right. And then when we felt like we had generated significant interest and that I would be able to potentially reach a valuation that we wanted to, to be able to deal the do the deal, that’s when we decided to bring in the rest of the leadership team.

Client #2: It was amazing to me though, to see how much buyers push, you know, for certain information and all of that. And, you know, I am a very trusting person and so these were all things where I was so glad to have a banker by my side protecting me. Right, because you could be, you could be the bad guys, you could be the ones pushing back and, I would be not, you know, not even be involved.