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Coaching for Management Presentations

The value of preparing the management team to present to prospective buyers can’t be underestimated. The Persient team prepares every seller’s team by staging “mock” presentations to help them clarify their story to make it more engaging and memorable, focus on most critical points, tone/pace their body language, handle questions with well-thought-out responses, align the team to ensure they maintain a consistent message, and deliver it with confidence as that will instill trust and credibility. More importantly, practice and coaching improve seller’s negotiation position by showcasing the value of their business and strengthening their bargaining power. 


Ashish: We had got multiple offers, but we picked more than a handful to do management presentations with, and we had called them all to tour the site and have a meeting with you. The other important aspect of that was that you get to interview them so that you can find out if they’re a right fit for your organization. But we had done a couple rehearsals between your team and ourselves, and we were kind of doing like a mock where we acted like the buyers, and you guys were answering questions.

Client #1: That was invaluable. Particularly, you know, for our staff. ‘Cause they’re not used to going through a merger and acquisition process. By mocking the right questions, simulating what the questions a buyer would ask, it gives us an opportunity to help everyone answer accurately, and to the best of their ability.

Client #2: Perfectionism was really important and so, it was really good to, to just do some role-playing with you, and knowing what we needed to focus on through that process of the management presentations.

Client #3: I think practice makes perfect. So absolutely take the time to rehearse,
to understand the Q and A. The Q and A is probably frankly the most difficult part, given the presentation’s probably the easier part. And so yes, all the time spent in the rehearsal phase was absolutely worth it,

Client #2: I felt like each time we did it, we got better. And when we’d hang up, you know, you guys would coach. Right? Coach us on. “Okay. You did a great job. These are a couple of things for the next one, you know, let’s focus on differently.”

Client #1: It’s something you guys have done very well, is to coach companies on how to go through a process and position the company in the best possible light to get a maximum valuation.

Client #3: One of our most important reasons, to pick the buyer was the cultural fit. So those presentations were really key. Then we went to dinner afterwards, and that I think is actually when we were able to tell if this was somebody that we could live with for the foreseeable future or not.