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In M&A, why 1 offer = 0 offer?

Picture this: You’re single and ready to mingle. Do you wait around for just anyone to show interest, or do you get out there and see who’s eager to win your heart? It’s a no-brainer, right? You date around, compare notes, and find the one who truly gets you. So, why should selling your business be any different? 

Let’s talk straight – you’ve got to play the field. That’s right, one offer is pretty much like having no offers at all. Why? Because competition is the name of the game, and it’s your ticket to the big leagues.

Here’s the deal: 

**multiple offers mean you’re in control. You get to call the shots and make buyers up their game. It’s not just about getting more moolah (though that’s a sweet perk), it’s about finding the **right fit** and **right terms** and **right timeline** for your business baby. You want a buyer who sees the value, shares your vision, and is willing to show you the money. You want a buyer who offers the right terms for you and your employees. And you want a buyer who is willing to follow a set timeline without dragging the diligence over months. 

So, what’s the move when an unsolicited offer lands on your desk? 

**Don’t jump the gun. Take a beat and think strategy. Get your business out there, stir up some buzz, and watch as the offers roll in. Then, and only then, can you weigh your options and make a decision that’ll have you grinning all the way to the bank.

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